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Consumption Methods

Medical Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil can be ingested to provide a more convenient approach. Cannabis oil ingested in food or droplets can easily be absorbed through digestive system. Each dose of cannabis oil should be consumed in the same way to provide a consistent effect.

Cannabis oils should be stored at room temperature and in a safe location that is out of reach from children.

Vaping Medical Cannabis

Did you know that vaping is a much more effective way of using medical cannabis, versus smoking? Traditionally, cannabis has been often smoked or vaporized to gain its medicinal benefits; however, 30-50% of the medicinal properties of cannabis are lost when dried cannabis is smoked.

Vaping cannabis reduces the negative respiratory effects smoking can cause. There are a variety of vaporizers made to meet each individual’s lifestyle and needs. For example, portable vaporizers are great for traveling and come in discreet and convenient sizes. Other may prefer to use a tabletop vaporizer. Although it isn’t as portable, desktop vaporizers usually provide higher quality vapor with their more advanced heating systems.

Most licensed producers also sell cannabis accessories, such as vaporizers, to help in the effective use of your prescription. Often times, licensed producers will offer discounts on these accessories when placing an order with them.

And More!

There are a number different way to consume medical cannabis; however, we recommend either consuming oil or vaping dried cannabis, as these consumption methods are the most effective treatment options for most conditions. For example, oils provide a long-lasting effect which is ideal for managing chronic pain. Other conditions that are more sporadic, such as anxiety related panic attacks, using a vaporizer for its’ immediate effects may be more beneficial.

Why not smoke dried cannabis?

Yes, smoking cannabis doesn’t carry the same carcinogenic risks as smoking tobacco. That said, there still are potentially harmful byproducts produced by smoking anything, period.
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