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Our team believes in finding balance in life – mind, body and spirit.  Being healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally is the key to creating a balanced life.

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Helping the Mind,
Body, & Spirit

Being healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally is the key to creating a balanced life. Our team at Margaree Health Group is dedicated to helping patients include medical cannabis as part of a balanced approach to medical treatment. Our ability to help patients extends through our “Partners in Care” who cross medical disciplines including psychiatry, psychology and other services. With our partners, we provide a holistic approach to help patients connect the mind, body and spirit.

Patient Care

Our medical professionals are here for you on every step of your journey. We help guide patients throughout the process, from scheduling appointments to completing the license producer registration, while answering any questions patients have along the way.


At Margaree Health Group, we’ll provide you with high-quality care through our education. Our health educators will review the information provided and help guide patients in a dosing schedule as outlined by the physician. Our health educators can also help you navigate licensed producers’ websites to order your prescription. We have examples of packaging, accessories, and dosing applicators for you to see prior to receiving your prescription. This way, you know what to expect when your medical cannabis arrives.

Treatment Management 

Medical cannabis products aren’t all created equal. It could take some time to find out which product works best with your symptoms and lifestyle. When you start using medical cannabis, it’s important to start slow, and follow the dosage recommended by your physician. Depending on your individual needs, your prescription may need to be adjusted to a higher dosage or you might need to try a different strain of medical cannabis. At Margaree Health Group, we schedule follow-up appointments and are always available to assist you with correcting the dosage and products used with your medical cannabis prescription.

Are you a Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police?

Visit our Veterans and First Responders page for more information about how we can help.

Do you think you or a loved one could benefit from medical cannabis?

Visit our patients page for more information about the benefits of medical cannabis for patients.
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Refer a
Loved One

When someone you know is battling a condition such as PTSD, chronic pain, cancer, or another illness, it can be difficult to manage. You may feel like there aren’t any options available, leaving you and your loved one feeling helpless and discouraged. At Margaree Health Group, we can help guide you or your loved one to treatment options you might not have considered. Anyone can refer a patient for information: a loved one, physician, friend, neighbour, member of the community, or even the patient themselves. Fill out our contact form to find out more about getting the care you or someone you know needs. A physician referral is necessary to schedule an appointment.

Send us a message anytime via our contact form or send us an email to:

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About us

We are a collaborative clinical team partnering with medical professionals, patients and the community, to support you in your health and wellness journey through treatment in medical cannabis. From the moment you walk through our door, you are now part of the team. We provide one-on-one patient visits, education and resources to you and your family.

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We are pleased to announce Canada House Clinics (CHC) will now be managing all Margaree’s medical cannabis prescription needs. Canada House Clinics is a leader in medical cannabis therapy services with evidence based fine-tuned treatment plans and dedicated nurse educators.

We are confident that Canada House Clinics is best equipped to service all your cannabis prescribing needs going forward.

If you would like to learn more about Canada House Clinics, visit their website here:

To our current clients, your cannabis prescription will remain active, there will be zero impact on your month-to-month ordering regime with Licensed Producers. You will not pay out of pocket for cannabis or the prescription. Canada House will be in touch with you to renew your documents before expiring.If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reply to this email or call us at 902-466-1895

"True North spoke to several groups about potentially taking over Margaree's cannabis prescribing; CHC really impressed us with their Veteran focus, and their willingness to donate to Veteran causes.  They are clearly the best choice to take over Margaree." Dr. Mark Johnston