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Yes, you can travel with medical cannabis within Canada. When flying, your prescription has to be in your carry-on luggage and in its original packaging (the packaging that indicates your name, dosage, who prescribed the medical cannabis to you and who dispensed the product).

Flying with cannabis accessories, such as vaporizers, is different for each carrier. Check with your carrier/airline as to what cannabis accessories are permitted.

When you leave our clinic after your appointment, you will not be leaving with medical cannabis. All of your medical cannabis will be obtained online from your Health Canada approved licensed producer.

All of the necessary paperwork will be completed at your appointment and then the process has begun. Once the paperwork has been processed and you’re registered with your licensed producer, they will ship the product directly to your door. Shipping times can vary from 1 day up to 5 days or more depending on the licensed producer and shipping options available to you.

Most licensed producers sell accessories to help in the effective use of your prescription. Oftentimes, licensed producers will offer you discounts on these accessories when placing an order with them.

You will have to check with your third-party insurance company as each policy and company have different coverage levels and options. If you are unable to claim through your third-party insurance, save all receipts and claim them on your income tax as a medical expense. Recreational cannabis or cannabis obtained at any illegal dispensary will not be claimable under the CRA regulations.

Our physicians do not support the option to grow at this time. It is difficult to monitor and collect information in regard to dosing as the product is not tested by Health Canada. Products from licensed producers are made to be consistent and more effective compared to what can be grown on your own.

The price of medical cannabis can vary greatly depending on the strength, volume, type of product, and licensed producer.

  • Typically, dried cannabis cost around $5-12 dollars per gram.
  • A 50ml bottle of CBD oil cost around $80 to 100.

Keep in mind that each licenced producer has different price points and different shipping costs. Some licensed producers also offer compassionate pricing programs. Each one varies, so reach out to your licensed producer for details or visit their website for more information.

In the medical cannabis industry, a license is required to produce or sell cannabis for medical purposes. A licensed producer is responsible for growing, harvesting, and packaging medical cannabis. All licensed producers must be approved by Health Canada and follow the ACMPR guidelines.

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We are a collaborative clinical team partnering with medical professionals, patients and the community, to support you in your health and wellness journey through treatment in medical cannabis. From the moment you walk through our door, you are now part of the team. We provide one-on-one patient visits, education and resources to you and your family.

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We are pleased to announce Canada House Clinics (CHC) will now be managing all Margaree’s medical cannabis prescription needs. Canada House Clinics is a leader in medical cannabis therapy services with evidence based fine-tuned treatment plans and dedicated nurse educators.

We are confident that Canada House Clinics is best equipped to service all your cannabis prescribing needs going forward.

If you would like to learn more about Canada House Clinics, visit their website here:

To our current clients, your cannabis prescription will remain active, there will be zero impact on your month-to-month ordering regime with Licensed Producers. You will not pay out of pocket for cannabis or the prescription. Canada House will be in touch with you to renew your documents before expiring.If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reply to this email or call us at 902-466-1895

"True North spoke to several groups about potentially taking over Margaree's cannabis prescribing; CHC really impressed us with their Veteran focus, and their willingness to donate to Veteran causes.  They are clearly the best choice to take over Margaree." Dr. Mark Johnston